Hello everyone! My name is Belén Romano, I am 24 years old and I am from Buenos Aires but currently living in Vienna, Austria.


I’m a fashion journalist and digital marketer and I think that is important to question ourselves who produced our clothes and of what were they made of.


I create this blog because I think there’s a lot to talk about fashion and style. 


Also I want to encourage people to feel beautiful and comfortable wearing their favourites pieces. And to start enjoying fashion as a way of life.


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My vision

I love fashion. From its history to its evolution and the way people live it.

Latetly I have questioned myself about my fashion consumption and thinking about who made my clothes and which materials were used to produce them. There’s a whole world of this matter that is very interesting to know about.

Also having a functional wardrobe and find your personal style is the key to be a more responsible fashion lover. 

I encourage you to loss fear and try everything on fashion, to feel comfortable and beautiful with what you’re wearing. 

Because fashion is there to be enjoyed but with responsability and consciousness, 

Do you join me?