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Back to business style: wear it with your own clothes

Back to business style is the new casual business. A mix of traditional business wear with a relaxed and casual style. Due the pandemic and home office long months, the back to business style is rocking the streets. And it’s a great opportunity to look casual but smart at the same time, and why not trendy!

Basic pieces of back to business style

The best thing about this style is that you can wear it with most-basic pieces every wardrobe should have but you can add your personal style on each outfit… how? Pretty simple: footwear, accessories, makeup and hair. Nowadays, there are no rules in fashion. Everyone can look as much as they like and feel comfortable with. So don’t be afraid of wearing what you want and try everything! Colors combinations, mix styles, prints, red lips, bunnies, don’t hesitate!

The basic pieces of back to business style are: shirts, blouses, t-shirts, pleated trousers, blazers, loafers, boots, coats. All in neutral colors. But if you want to empower your look with your personal style, you can try these outfits with: white sneakers for more casual and comfortable vibes. A pair of jeans, for example in black, with a white t-shirt, a beige blazer and white sneakers can look great. If you’re a stripes lover, then you could add to your back to business style a striped sweater or t-shirt in beige and black. And options are infinitive.

Back to business style inspo

What I recommend the most about trying on new things and add your personal style to each outfit is to take a look on social media. It’s the best source of inspiration and you can come up with another outfits ideas. So now we will see some of the most classic back to business style looks and some others with a different touch.

First, let’s start with the most classy and elegant way to wear the back to business style: blazers (oversized or not) in combination with pleated trousers. You can wear these sets with turtlenecks or poplin shirts, and with loafers, boots or pumps. Whatever that makes you feel that you’re rocking it. And why not adding a colored v-neck sweater or a pair of sunglasses to give it 80s vibes.

But if you prefer to look more casual but not loosing style… then a pair of jeans, sneakers, checkered prints, crossbody bags, sunglasses are some of the pieces that make the difference and we all have in our wardrobes as well.

Checkered blazers with a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans are such a good combo to be comfortable but elegant at the same time. Blazers are those classic pieces that will always look good on any outfit. They can be oversized or not, it’s all up to you, which style you prefer the most and the occasion. Also a pair of black jeans can be very suitable for back to business style looks with a more casual vibe. And of course, sneakers in white or black are perfect to change the game.

Last thoughts

Fashion and trends are not about buying all the time new clothes. It’s true that new trends come up and that it’s impossible not taking a look at them and not wanting to wear something of that. We are on social media a huge amount of our time and it influences us in every aspect, and also the way we wear.

First of all, everything in fashion comes back and maybe members of our family still have those little treasures. Then in this case, the back to business style is full of basics. And maybe yes, you don’t have a blazer, but you do have trousers or jeans, boots or sneakers. So in this case, I recommend you to buy the most classic blazer of good quality. So it lasts longer and you can wear it as much as you can. And I suggest you to buy on second-hand or vintage stores or in sustainable fashion brands. If you’re a bit lost of where to buy sustainable clothing then I recommend you to read Affordable ethical fashion brands and Sustainable shoe brands for some guidance.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate and write me! For more content you can follow me on  Instagram and TikTok.

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