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BeThrifty Vintage Kilo Sale – Vienna Experience

I went for the very first time to BeThrifty Vintage Kilo Sale in Vienna this past weekend. They are a pop-up vintage clothes store and were here for only this weekend. If you’re wondering if going to these types of events or even trying second-hand or vintage clothes. Then keep reading. In this post, we’re going to talk about my experience and personal opinion of this type of event, key pieces I think are essential to buy, and what I bought too!

Vintage clothing

A garment is considered vintage when it has more than 10 years old. Some people say that it’s 20 years. So a vintage cloth is a second-handed or pre-loved. And you can look trendy wearing vintage clothes. Because in fashion everything is going to be back. And those garments that were made with good quality materials and were well made will be in very good conditions to be worn after many years.

Last but not least, I want to say that it is also ok to buy new pieces. I love buying new clothes, it is an experience that I will forever like. But now I’m trying to buy clothes of better quality so they are going to last me years. Because I’m trying more than ever to buy garments that represent me and make me feel confident and like to wear every day.

Benefits of shopping vintage clothing

So after all these clarifications let me tell you some benefits of shopping for vintage clothing.

 When you shop vintage you buy better quality clothing.

 Shopping for vintage clothing is sustainable.

 Shop vintage clothing prevents industrial pollution, material waste, water abuse, animal exploitation, and human exploitation.

 Shop vintage clothing is cheaper.

 If you shop for vintage clothing you will find unique pieces.

If you want to read more about these points I recommend you to read my post 5 Reasons why shop vintage clothing.

BeThrifty Vintage Kilo Sale Vienna Experience

So I went to BeThrifty event in Praterstern (Vienna). The location was The Student Hotel and the style was great. Three rooms full of clothes in good state and divided per category. I missed footwear and accessories such as chains, earrings, sunglasses. I think they are key when buying vintage.

There were young and old people all around the place with lots of clothes in their hands. They looked excited and like kids. I’m still amazed about how big is the movement of second-hand fashion here in Vienna. But the thing is that it should be more normal as time goes by.

Clothes were worth per kilo. 1 kg = €45 and there were big faux fur coats that the maximum they cost was €45. In my opinion, the price was ok because I use to go to this type of event and this is the common price. The dressing rooms were a bit uncomfortable but when you go to vintage stores, you need to try on everything you need! If not, it could be difficult or impossible to ask for a devolution.

What I bought at BeThrifty Vintage Kilo Sale

To be honest, I wasn’t planning to buy anything at first. I was more into creating some content and seeing what was everything about. But then I started to pay more attention in the type of clothes I need the most right now: comfortable but elegant trousers. The best are the pleated ones and I have found two of them that are just perfect!!! One in light grey and the other one in dark grey.

And when I went to the dressing room to try them I found a little treasure I still can’t believe. A mini dress from Ralph Lauren made of 100% Camel hair in the exterior and 100% silk in the interior. Perfect for summer and winter! I’m planning to wear it in a cold day of December with high knee black boots and a turtleneck under it in black as well. Simply perfect.

Last thoughts

I will always encourage people to enjoy and wear their clothes as much as they can. And if they need more clothes, then try to purchase second-hand and vintage clothes. It’s not only more sustainable and ethical, but also a great experience of keep discovering your personal style and helping small business.

I would love to know your thoughts about this, you can live it in the comments! If you liked this post then I recommend you to read Vinokilo pop up store Vienna experience and for more content, you can follow me on  Instagram and TikTok.

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