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Disney x Gucci collection – Best items

Disney x Gucci collection is a ready-to-wear and accessories line presented in the 2020 Cruise collection. In honour of the Chinese year of the Mouse, Disney’s famous characters are displayed as colorful prints, embroidered patches or jacquard motifs throughout Gucci’s garments.

If you are a big fan of Mickey Mouse and Gucci, it might be difficult to decide which item to buy. Moreover, you realize you are doing a good purchase when you are totally in love with the garment and when you know if you are going to use it a lot. Besides it is also ok if you buy this kind of “collection” items just to collect them. So now let’s see the best options to consider in this exclusive new and limited line from Gucci.

Disney x Gucci collection bags

Buying a bag is always a good idea. There are many ways to wear it and they are also collectable. And in this Disney x Gucci collection there are different models: backpacks, shoulder bags and totes. Let’s see some of them.

Shoulder bags

Some of them are shoulder bags. First, it is the Gucci’s classic GG Marmont model that comes with a playful image of Mickey and Minnie Mouse in ivory matelassé leather. The sliding chain strap can be worn as a shoulder strap with 55cm drop. And also it can be worn as a top handle with 30cm drop. I think this is a colorful and also a joyful option. Moreover, the prints are adorable. But if you prefer a classic one then there are the GG canvas shoulder bags. They come in different shapes and are trimmed with light brown leather details that gives a vintage style. Besides the shoulder strap is adjustable with 54cm drop.

Small bucket bag € 1.690

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I think that this kind of bag is very original and the fact that Mickey Mouse is the main protagonist of this piece it makes it even more unique. I like the contrast of the colors with the GG canvas. Furthermore, the combination of the vintage style with some modern and cartoon’s image is fantastic. You don’t know if this can be real until Gucci does it.


These two backpack models are too stylish and fit for everyone’s likes! For example, if you want to buy one of them for travel then the biggest one would be a great choice. But if you prefer an item with design and going around without much weight on your back, then the rounded model is perfect for you!

Tote bag

€ 1.490

Finally, I think that this type of bag is very comfortable not only for travel but for the day after day. Besides you can carry on it all you need and well, the print and the style is too Gucci’s. I would consider this option.

Disney x Gucci collection ready-to-wear

The creativity in this ready-to-wear collection is amazing. And not only the prints but every piece is original and unique. I’m going to show my favourites right below. And if you want to see all the garments just click here.

Disney x Gucci reversible bomber jacket

This quilted silk bomber jacket is just perfect. It has the Gucci’s emblematic Flora print and it is Mickey Mouse in the back! And something very important: it is reversible! I think a purchase is worthy when you can use it as many times as you can. And if you have 2 bomber jackets in 1, well, I see that there is nothing else to talk about.

Disney x Gucci nylon jacket

A nice and stylish nylon jacket in your wardrove is a must. Even more if it is this model from the Disney x Gucci collection! It is embellished by a leather Interlocking G tag and a felt Gucci patch on the back. I also would like to highlight the colors combination. This jacket is fantastic.

Disney x Gucci hooded sweatshirt

€ 950

I couldn’t miss the hoodie. It is a basic combinated with the Gucci vintage logo paired with the image of Mickey Mouse. If you want to be comfortable but look chic, this garment is for you!

Disney x Gucci oversize T-shirt

€ 450

Last but not least, the oversize T shirt from this collection is also a must. With its soft cotton, the Gucci vintage logo and the image of the legendary character from Disney is the way Gucci says: “We did it again”.

Disney x Gucci collection footwear

A cool pair of shoes from Gucci is always a good idea. And even more if it is from the Disney x Gucci collection! It is amazing their design and the mixture of colors. I’m going to show you my favourites.

Disney x Gucci slipper

€ 695

This pair of slippers is the perfect combination of the Gucci’s classiest with the playful image of Mickey Mouse. Furthermore, I consider that the prints of the legendary character of Disney make this piece a bit more informal and you can use it with whatever you want!

Disney x Gucci Rhyton sneaker

€ 790

A pair of white sneakers is a must. And if it is from Gucci and with Mickey Mouse on the side, much better! This is another model that fits with every casual look.

Disney x Gucci slide

€ 310

First of all, I think it is ideal for summer, but also to use it with a pair of socks too! What do you think?

Disney x Gucci collection accessories

And las but not least, if you love details and prefer to have an accessory from this collection here I show you some options to take a look.

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