Fair trade fashion brands

If you have ever wondered about fair trade fashion brands, you are in the right place! And if not, it’s a good opportunity then to learn a little bit about what does it mean fair trade fashion, why it is important, and recommendations!

What does mean fair trade fashion?

Fair trade fashion is clothing that has been produced based on ethical trade standards. Its main focus is people. It’s also known as an international movement that was born after the Second World War and it became popular in Europe in the 1960s. It ensures producers are paid fairly, improve working conditions and support local economies.


Nowadays there are many different organizations promoting the principles of fair trade and offer help and certification for brands. Here are some of them so you can take a look and read more about them:

Fair trade fashion brands


Able is an ethical fashion brand that employs and empowers women as a solution to end poverty. They use all-natural fibers in their materials and in their website has a sustainability page that explains everything about shipping, packaging, jewelry, leather, shoes, and apparel. Then they have transparent communication and this is very important to give credibility to a brand.

Certifications: Scores 5/5 in “People” on Good on You; Remake Approved Brand.

Able  fair trade brand
Able website, click here.


People, Planet, Transparency, Accountability, and Ecosystem Building are the backbone of Nisolo’s framework for sustainability. They take care of working conditions so all of their 1st tier factories have committed to through signing their Supplier Code of Conduct: Payment & Wages, Health & Safety, Governance & Workers’ Rights, Gender Equality & Empowerment, and Healthcare & Benefits.

Certifications: Top-Rated Certified B Corporation; Climate Neutral Certified, Leather Working Group Member.

Nisolo  fair trade brand
Nisolo website, click here.

People tree

People tree is a pioneer in sustainable and fair trade fashion. They buy fair trade products from marginalized producer groups in developing countries. They also protect the environment and use natural and sustainable resources. And won different awards such as ‘People Tree won 1st place for Best Alternative Fashion Brand’ and ‘People Tree has been named in the UK’s ‘Top 5′ Ethical Fashion Brands.’

Certifications: The World Fair Trade Organization Label.

People Tree  fair trade brand
People Tree website, click here.


Etiko was the first fashion brand in the southern hemisphere to become FairTrade Certified. For more than a decade, they have supported the human and labour rights of cotton growers, rubber tappers, workers in apparel, sports ball, and shoe production, and their families. Their pieces are produced and manufactured in Sri Lanka, India, and Pakistan.

Certifications: FairTrade, Certified B Corporation, Social Traders Certified.

Etiko fair trade brand
Etiko website, click here.

No Nasties

For over a decade, they have made 100% organic cotton classics. Every product that is purchased from No Nasties will remove more CO2 from the air than it creates to produce it, shop it and also wash it. They have already saved 28,977,737 liters of water, planted 47,695 trees and offset 152,410 kg co2e. Click here to see all proofs.

Certifications: FairTrade.

No Nasties fair trade brand
No nasties website, click here.

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