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Fashion sharing: What you need to know

Fashion sharing is the renting fashion. From luxury to common brands. Why shop when you have the chance to pay less and wear for a time your favourite pieces? If you want have an inteligent and versatile wardrobe then you should continue reading. In this post we are going to talk about fashion sharing benefits and where rent clothes around the world.


Has it ever happened to you to buy an expensive garment and then you couldn’t find an occasion to use it? And at that moment you start to regret having spent. Well, this will never happen again thanks to fashion sharing. Because it not only brings the opportunity to rent a look for a party or a special occassion but also offers prêt-à-porter for your day-to-day. Let’s see some other benefits:

  • Wear designer styles without paying designer prices.
  • Save time spent doing laundry.
  • Extends the life of garments.
  • Zero buyer’s remorse.
  • Save money on dry cleaning.
  • You can have new clothes every month taking care to your economy and the planet too.

Not bad, right?

Fashion sharing around the world

As time goes by fashion sharing is becoming more popular. There are some business with interesting proposals that I want to share with you all. And if you know more please write them in comments.

Rent the runway

Is the premier subscription fashion service that powers people to rent designer styles for work, weekends and events. It’s located in the USA since 2009 and it offers over 700 designers and popular brands like Levi’s, J.Crew or Marquesa. They have different plans which prices go from 99 to 149 dolars per month depending of how many items you want or need. And if you fell in love with a garment you can buy it to them!

Rent the runway website


It is located in Spain and works with over 100 brands in their mensual plans that go between 40 and 60 euros. They also have a styling test that helps you to find your personal style and choose better clothes. Besides they manage a blog in their website where you can find information and help for being a more responsible and conscious fashion consumer.

Ecodicta is a fashion sharing business


With Viär you have access to a circular, unlimited and sustainable wardrobe. It is located in Argentina and there are some steps to follow: first you have to do a styling test so a fashion consultant choose different pieces that suit best your likes and then you can finally pick your favourite ones. They offer a system of boxes with clothing that vary month to month.

Viär is a fashion sharing website


The way we consume is changing. The consumer of the future is looking for an experience instead of having or accumulating things. And fashion sharing offers that: a new experience plus a new way of consumption thinking. As I use to say in every post, it is not easy to change consumer habbits and less if you are a fashion victim or a shopaholic. It is a process and the best thing to do is doing a first step. And let me tell you that you have already do that because you continue reading me. Then it is a nice step to start questioning your way of consumption and looking up some options to start being a more responsible and conscious fashion consumer.

If you like this post I recommend you to read 5 Reasons why shop vintage clothing and if you have any question or comments you can write right below!

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