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Wear a floral dress is always a good idea. It was 13 p.m and I recieved a message that I was going to the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Madrid the next day. It was a hot summer day and I didn’t doubt about what to wear… Let’s talk about this and see some other types of floral dresses to get inspired with.

Why wear a floral dress?

When I say that a floral dress is always a good idea is because there are many kinds of these dresses. They come in different colors and types of flowers that spread joy and good vibes in an outfit. When it comes the good weather and we want to wear a dress it is essential to feel comfortable using it. Also I like to wear dresses on winter… Why not? You can use under the dress a turtle neck t-shirt and boots.

When wear a floral dress?

In this opportunity I used it in a hot summer day in Madrid and couldn’t be more comfortable in the way I looked. Florals in spring and summer are a bit cliché, I know, but as I always say: we wear in order to how we feel. We communicate through our clothes and it has sense to use a floral dress in summer. However, there are floral dresses for cold days and they are ideal too!

This kind of dress is versatile to wear in many different occasions as well as going for a walk in the beach, a work meeting, a first date, to a fashion week, a birthday party. And everything else you have got in your schedule!


There are many different types of floral dresses. And not only for summer but also for winter and all the occassions you can imagine. So let’s see some of them:


Pastel colors, delicate flowers, bubble sleeves and finished with white edging are some of the things that you will find in a floral dress with romantic vibes. When I see these kind of dresses I imagine using them during a summer in Europe. What do you think?

Floral dresses for colder weather

Here is a proof when I say that is not correct to catalogue a piece into seasons. The colors and the complements you use with a long sleeves floral dress are the key for colder weather. Darker colors, boots, long sleeves, leather jacket or a fluffy one are some elements to pay attention to when you want to wear a floral dress in winter or autumn.


Who doesn’t like floral dresses with a boho touch? They come in different color palettes and they look ideal for summer outfits.

Small flowers

I love how delicate this dresses look with all that small flowers and the combination of its colors. And see how easy is to wear them with a pair of sandals, boots or heels.

My favourites for summer

And here it comes my moment LOL. Here I show you my floral dresses. Honestly I use them during spring and summer. I feel so good wearing them because they are comfy and look good with lot of accessories and footwear.

When I went to Grand Cayman Island I used my favourite floral dress (last picture) that I bought in Brazil. It gives me a Caribbean vibes that I cannot tell.

How to wear

At the time of dressing and making an outfit, in my opinion, is essential to choose the right accessories. These are the key. Of course all depends of the dress (color, neckline, sleeves, stamp, cloth drop) and your likes. But for example, in that day I added a belt on my waist and I conviced myself of wearing it when I saw how it marked my waist, that totally changed my look!

If the dress has a V neck you can add a delicate necklace and complement it with a small earings. Or if it has short sleeves a beautiful pair of bracelets will look fantastic. It is all about accessories and your favourite pair of shoes, too. And here it is another thing: you can wear a floral dress with sneakers, ankle boots, sandals, high heels, texan boots, all kind of boots, all kind of heels! Now everything is allowed in fashion, the comfort is mainly allowed and you establish your own rules!

I hope being a bit of help to you and make you look gorgeous today! If you want to see more inspiration of floral dresses you should take a look at my Pinterest board named Floral dress Inspo. And if you have any question you can write me on my Instagram @belromano or right here!

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