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Gucci belts for women: lines and types

If you are looking for a Gucci belt then you are in the right place. The brand has different types and lines of belts and it might be a bit overwellming at the time to choose one. So we are going to see all the available options and how to wear them too.


First of all, there are two categories in Gucci’s Official Site: Wide belts for Women and Skinny belts for Women. The prices don’t vary much and this is all about your likes. If you prefer a wider belt strap or not.

Wide vs Skinny belts

Of course this is all about your preferences. There is nothing better than wear what makes you feel comfortable and happy. But also there are some morphology tricks that fashion consultants use to recommend. These favor the image and stylizes the figure.

For example, if you have a short waist then you should try skinny belts. It will help you to balance your propotions and you will see how nicer it looks. Conversely, if you are tall, a good option would be the wider ones to give the optical sensation of shortening the figure. But if you prefer to use the other type of belt it will be ok too! I will always encourage you to wear as your pleasure with the best advices and besides to try new things!

Skinny belts

Here are some of the skinny belts options from the Gucci Official Site. You can take a look at all the models there.

Skinny Gucci belts
Skinny women Gucci belts
Skinny belts from Gucci Official Site

Wide belts

And here some wide belts from the Gucci Official Site. You can check them all there.

Wide Gucci belts for women
Wide Gucci belts
Wide belts from Gucci Official Site

Gucci belt lines

There are five different lines of Gucci belts: Animalier, Dionysus, GG Marmont, Horsebit and Interlocking G. Some of them have few products and are exclusive.


This line only has one product. A leather wide belt with a lion head buckle. It was introduced in the Spring Summer 2020 season. This is clearly a strong accesory that will be perfect for rocking any outfit you want. From wearing it on the waist with a black coctail dress, for example, to wearing it with a pair of black tailored pants and a white blouse for a job meeting. The options are infinit. Besides, this could be a good inversion if you are looking for a different and stylish Gucci belt but at the same time easy to wear.


This line only has one model too. A smooth leather belt with Gucci’s textured tiger head buckle embedded in black Swarovski crystals. This accesory is a good ally to completement any look. The crystals give an elegant and exquisite air. And the black and silver combination matches any colour.

Dionysus Gucci belt
Leather belt with crystal Dionysus buckle

GG Marmont

The traditional Gucci belt with the double G is from this line. It comes in many ways as wide and skinny models, and materials too: elastic, leather and chain. Also it comes with pearls, crystals and more. The options of how to wear are infinit and depend which model. You will see from classics models to colored, shiny and exotic ones too. It is all about attitude and to try different things on outfits. If you want to see all the models available click here.

GG Marmont Gucci belts


In one hand, this line is an emblematic symbol of the House rooted in its equestrian heritage. And, in the other hand, I see it as a unique and very original design. The belts got a vintage effect and a square buckle on one side. They can be worn as a hip or waist belt. If you are looking for a classic but different belt, you should consider the Horsebit line.

Horsebit Gucci belts
Horsebit Gucci belts

Interlocking G

This line has two variations. One of them is the Interlocking G model, with the classic double G symbol but intertwined. And the Interlocking G Horsebit model that it is pretty similar than the last line but with the interlocking G symbol. I see these models a very good option to consider. They seem classic but with lot of style and they are not much seen.

Interlocking G Gucci belts
Interlocking G belts

As you can see, there are plenty of Gucci belts for all kind of likes. If you want to see more inspiration and looks with these accessories I suggest you to take a look and follow my Pinterest table Gucci belts.

I hope being of help with your shopping decision. If you liked this post I recommend you to read Louis Vuitton bags and prices.

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