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Black volume headband

Headbands: your accessory masterpiece

Do you want to upgrade your outfit level and don’t know how? Here I have the solution: headbands! You will not believe how many different types and styles there are of these accessories. At first, it might be difficult to add this piece to your day-to-day outfits but I’m sure that after looking at some inspiration, it will be easier for you! In this post, we are going to talk about headbands styles and how to wear them.

Types of headbands

Two years ago headbands were everywhere. The 2019 was a year full of headbands. You saw them in every shop and on the streets. The thing is that thanks to this boom, I could discover an accessory I haven’t thought about yet. I don’t know why, but it wasn’t in my mind before.

And the truth is that there are many different styles of headbands as well as different ways to wear them. From the most casual look to a more elegant and smart one. There is no in-between. So here are some of them:

With volume

Headbands with volume are the ones most seen during 2019. They are classic but elevates your outfit to the next level. Neutral colors are a good choice in order to wear them with everything. But there are some others vibrant colors that could be a great option to contrast a look. The bordeaux one in the picture is a clear example. So simple but elegant at the same time.

Super volume

Super volume headbands are a next-level accessory. If you want to attract all the attention to the head, this option is fabulous. Some luxury brands launched their headbands like Prada. They are more extravagant and not easy to find everywhere like the first ones I showed you. Anyway, is not impossible to find them.


Jeweled headbands complement the outfit so good. Take a look at the pictures, you can use them doubled, in neutral colors or full-color. There is no in-between, and see how great they combine. In this case, you have to be careful with these pieces to not fall or loose any jewell. I think that the only con of this accessory is that if you loose some of them, you end up discarding it and it’s such a pity.


For the most romantic ones, this is the right headband for you. Pearls are always going to be a classic and timeless pieces that goes well with every outfit you want. As you can see, there are different models: XXL pearls, combined them with black or full-pearls. They have a sweet look but at the same time stylish and chic. I encourage you to try them and see how they look on you. You never know until you try!

Other types

Here is a summary of some others different styles you can find. From left to right: with animal print. It is more versatile than you think. You can wear it with a total-black outfit, or with neutral colors, browns… and the animal print will rock it. The knot shape is another classic that was so trendy a few years ago. They come in all colors and it’s a good choice when you want to look more casual and urban. And last but not least, the flowers shape. These are so original and romantic. They also come in different colors and complement the look 100%. These headbands have more volume than the others but they will make you look different and stylish. Don’t hesitate to try everything on you! Remember, you don’t know until you try.

Total looks with headbands

I know what you might be thinking: these headbands look cute but in real life is impossible to wear them… Well, here are some outfits with headbands so you can see a little inspiration for your next look.

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