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How to have a timeless style: step by step

Timeless style represents simplicity and personality with a sustainable approach. It’s a fashion style that has been Parisian women’s predilected for many years. In this post, we are going to talk about what it means, the step-by-step guide of how to have a timeless style and some outfits for inspiration.

I’m the first one to encourage people to find out their personal style and wear what they feel more comfortable with. That’s why I want to talk about timeless fashion. This style, in particular, is versatile, practical, and worth it. Here is why.

What means timeless style?

Timeless clothes are classic, essential, and fit everybody well. These pieces are versatile and offer an infinitive alternatives of outfits, that’s why they will remain timeless in our wardrobe. Besides, these garments can be worn with all colors and styles. Here are some ideas of timeless clothing and outfits from The Minimalist Wardrobe, I highly recommend their account. Just pay attention at these pieces and see that they can be mixed and wore in different ways to each other. Isn’t it cool?

How to have a timeless style

Maybe if you think about this question, how to have a timeless style, you may believe that is easy because you only have to buy classic clothes. But there are some other tips to pay attention to that if you adopt them in your day-to-day, it will make a difference. Here they are:

Invest in basics

Buying good-quality garments require an investment. But in the long-term is totally worth it. Just imagine you buy a dreamy pair of jeans and you can wear them as long as you want because they are made of 100% cotton and will last longer than average. It’s great.

Purchasing basics means you have a versatile wardrobe and infinitive outfits options. I recommend neutral denim, coats, blazers, shirts, sweaters, leather handbags and footwear. These can be worn with anything you imagine with. Then the investment will be worth it and you will look simply amazing wearing what you love the most.

If you want to see some inspiration and ideas, you can take a look at my post Basics for fall.

Don’t focus on trends

In my opinion, it’s good to know about trends, what is the most worn color, fit or stamp. And why not try on some of them. It’s a good opportunity to try different things on you and keep discovering your personal style. What I think is not the best is only wearing trends and stopping wearing garments because they are no longer trendy.

Once I was reading a question that someone asked a blogger: “Are big hoodies keep being trendy? Because I love them so much”. And I was like dude, wtf. If you like it, wear it! Why do you have to only follow trends and stop wearing what you love the most? This is what I mean by not focusing on trends. These rules are so 90s. Now it’s another era where you can wear any color combination you want, stamps, fits, etc. And, for sure, we should take advantage of it and follow our personal style and keep discovering it.

Go for classic silhouettes

Classic is a synonym of timeless. And at the time of purchasing a new garment is important to think about how many different looks are you going to wear it with and in which season. If the answear is a wide range of looks and the posibility to wear them in different seasons… you got it.

And yes, it is possible to wear a dress in Summer and Autumn too. For example, you add a pair of boots, a turtle neck shirt under the dress and a jacket. Just let your imagination flow. Classic silhouettes will never fail you and, furthermore, they are the most versatile ones. You can combine them with other ones and create a unique outfit, like the one I just told you 🙂

Avoid fast fashion

If you want to have a sustainable and versatile wardrobe, well, fast fashion is not an option. And yes, fast fashion may be much cheaper, but it isn’t in the long term. Because these clothes are made with bad quality materials, plastic most of it, and last nothing. You will have to buy another one soon and for what? Furthermore, the fast fashion industry has a lot to talk about… if you want to know more about it I recommend you to read my post Fast fashion pros and cons.

Pay attention to fit

The fit may be something that not many people worry about but this can vary from one brand to another. And that’s why it’s very important to try the pieces before you purchase them . Furthermore, the best thing is to feel 100% comfortable fisically and how you look on it in order to use the garment as many times as you wish.

If you are buying a good-quality cloth this may not be a major problem. But if you buy fast fashion, their clothing confection is not the best one and, believe me, the fit changes a lot. Maybe you see a pair of jeans in the showcase but when you try them on you don’t like it. Don’t worry about it, it’s not your body’s fault, it’s just the fit that was made of is not for all types of bodys. That’s it.

Go for good quality accessories

Good quality and classic accessories are key too, of course. From collars to earrings and rings, golden or silver, anything. They are always going to be a great complement to the look and upgrade it to the next level. And the reasons here are the same as clothing, if you buy accessories from fast fashion brands they will not last and this can be harmful for you. Some people only can wear rings of gold, for example.

So the best thing you can do is figure out which are your most basic and classic accessories that you know you will use them a lot and purchase some of them. In my case, I love golden jewellery. I use it with everything so I have my little glass chest full of them.

Good quality golden jewellery
My day-to-day golden jewellery

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are the most basic and classic ones that will look great on any ocasion, any style and any weather. Which are these colors? Beige, taupe, gray, cream, brown, black, and white. They combine perfectly well with any other color. And, if you prefer to wear a monochromatic look, they look amazing too! These are the famous total-black looks, total-white looks, etc.

Neutral colors for a timeless look
Neutral colors

Know your style

If you want to have a sustainable and timeless wardrobe, following your personal style is the base. Don’t worry if you don’t know it at all or just can’t describe it. The personal style is not ruled by any fashion style in particular neither has to be the same over the years. That’s why I always say “keep discovering” it because is a constant search and change, in my opinion.

We all change over the years, our thoughts, fisically, the way we see some things, our feeding, etc. So why not our personal style and our wardrobe? I give a lot of tips of how to find and follow your personal style in my blog. So feel free to take a look at the posts to be inspired and informed too.

Last but not least, let me give you some quick tips to find your personal style:

  • Open your closet and separate what you wear and what you don’t. For those clothes, don’t hesitate and sell them, give them away, donate them, just continue their life-time.
  • Pay attention at the garments you already have and think what you like the most of them.
  • Look for some inspiration of looks at Pinterest and creat different boards saving the styles, colors or clothing you love the most.
  • Don’t hesitate and try on all the clothes. You never know how they will look on you until you try them.

Timeless style inspiration

So now here I show you some of my favorites timeless style looks. There is no better way to finish a post with these minimal, classic and timeless outfits. Some are from Pinterest and some mine!


Having a sustainable and timeless wardrobe and following your personal style may not be so easy at first and a bit tricky maybe. We all like some (or all) trends, we already have fast fashion clothing, etc. That’s why I recommend to do little steps. If you are reading this now, well, you just made the first step already. Then is all about time and start changing some habits.

For example, buying second-hand and vintage clothes is a great alternative to fast fashion. On thrift stores you will find good quality garments at a very low price. And the best thing of all is that you are extending their life wearing them. If you haven’t been on these stores yet, then give them a try because they are totally worth it.

I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for reading it. If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate and write them right here! Also you can follow me on Instagram and Tiktok for more content 🙂

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