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Summer look

How to wear a summer dress

Nothing better than wear a fresh short dress in a hot summer day. This model in particular is not only comfy but stylish too. I added a belt on my waist, a good pair of sandals and my favourite raffia petite bag.

The off-shoulder style is nice to make the look sexier and gives you the chance to show off a delicate collar. It is ok if you don’t feel comfortable wearing an off-shoulder dress. The only thing I can say to you it is just to give it a try. In this post we are going to talk about summer dresses and how to wear them.

When wear a summer dress?

I love wearing dresses, of course there are many different types of it but I am going to talk about the one I’m wearing in the picture. I used this green dress in some occasions like going to the beach, to a day-party, also I used it the same dress but different color in a small town of Galicia, Spain, doing tourism. It is all about accesories and how you style your look. And I am not only talking about accesories, I mean also makeup and hairstyle. To sum up, a summer dress is a super versatile garment that you can play around with the style and wear it in different ways.

How to wear it?

That day I went to a baptism and I only wanted a fresh look. I selected the accesories I like the most to use on a hot summer day. The raffia this summer is a must and the square toe sandals too. At makeup I also wanted a natural look so I decided to only use foundation, concealer, a smooth golden eyeshadow, mascara and, of course, a nude lipstick. And my hair natural.

So at the time you have to wear a summer dress and you don’t know how to style it… think about the occasion and ask yourself how would you feel wearing that garment with X accesory and more. The best to do (and I’m sure all of us do it as well) is trying on the dress and wearing it with different accesories, footwear, eyewear too.

Types of summer dresses

Bubble sleeves

The bubble sleeves are a trend from one or two years ago, I don’t remember exactly, and I loved them so much. They give romantic and delicate vibes to the look. Here are different types of dresses and sleeves too.

Floral dresses

These are too cute and come in different designs! So here all depends on your personal style and the colors you prefer.


The silk dresses are so comfortable and smart too that they cannot be better. The cowl necks make the look sexier and are ideal for a small golden collar or a big pair of earrings that call all the attention.


Why not using bright colors? They look full of power and personality. If you are not sure if some color will look good on you just try it on. You won’t be sure about that until you see it.

I hope you enjoyed this article and if you want to see more summer dresses inspiration you can take a look at my Pinterest board named Summer dresses Inspo. And if you have any question you can write me on Instagram @belromano or right here on comments!

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