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How to wear animal print

Animal print is one of the most classic and timeless patterns. Some people don’t like it at all and for others is their favorite one. There’s no in-between. The thing is that you can wear an animal print cloth and not look so overdressed and keep the elegance. So in this post, we are going to see a lot of inspiration on how to wear animal print with different garments and accessories.

Animal print types

There are many animal print types from different animals. Today the zebra and cow one is the most seen on social media. They went viral. From bikinis to boots, clothes and accessories are full of these animal patterns. In this post, I’m going to show you the looks and inspiration of leopard print clothes. I consider it the most classic and known.

I encourage you to leave on comments which other animal print patterns you want me to do a post: zebra, cow, tiger, snake, giraffe? I love reading you all!

Animal print pattern for clothes
Some of animal print patterns

How to wear animal print

Nowadays there are no rules at the time to wear. The most important thing is that you feel confident and comfortable with what you are wearing. Then here are some look ideas so you can see how nice leopard print can adapt to different outfits, shapes, and styles.


These long skirts were trendy not long ago. They are comfortable and very good-looking with sneakers, sandals, or heels for the bottom. And depending on the occasion, where are you going and how you want to look, there are infinitive alternatives for the top: classic t-shirt, silk blouse, long sleeves shirts, etc.


There’s nothing better than loving so much a cloth you want to wear all year long. Well, this is possible with animal print dresses. For summer or winter, they are for any time. For example, if you have a strappy dress and want to wear it for fall, you only have to add a turtle neck shirt under the dress, tights, boots, and a long coat. And voilá!


If you don’t dare or simply don’t like so much animal print, you can start wearing it in the footwear. Leopard boots are an example of how a pattern can rock a classic outfit. Let them be the main character of your look: a pair of jeans, a neutral sweater, a long coat, and boots. On the contrary, if you like so much animal print and have other garments like blouses, handbags, belts, etc, you can add it to your look and will be incredible too. Just see these pictures to have a better idea of what I’m talking about.


Animal print blouses and shirts are always a good idea. Just let the top be the main character of your total look and then let the rest be more simple and classic: blue jeans, black leather trousers, and boots. Furthermore, what we do with our makeup and hair is important too.


Animal print trousers will be your ally at the time to choose what to wear. There’s nothing more simple because you can add anything you prefer: from a classic white shirt to a printed t-shirt. And the accessories are key too. Headbands, hats, boots, sneakers, jean jackets, etc. Leopard print is more versatile than you think.


If you don’t like animal print so much or simply don’t want it to be so visible, you can try with belts. These accessories are key to styling an outfit with details. Neutral colors, classic looks, but the animal print is present and looks so nice. What do you think about it?


There are no impossibles in fashion. If at this time you haven’t tried animal print in your looks yet, I encourage you to do it. At least with an accessory. You don’t know how it will look on you until you try it. As you can see, there are many different options, shapes, and styles for everybody to enjoy the leopard print.

And last, let me share with you my story with animal print. Until a few months ago I have never thought about having any cloth or accessories with animal print on it. I simply didn’t like it for me. I used to see it as something ugly, out of style or elegance. But after looking for some outfits inspiration I realize that I’m the only one responsible for how to style animal print in my look. When you see someone else wearing it and you don’t like it. It’s not animal print’s fault, neither the other person’s. It’s you that simply don’t like how it was styled but you can change that with your outfit and use it as you prefer.

Then don’t be afraid to try on new things and play with clothes. There’s nothing more beautiful and authentic than following your personal style and feeling confident with your outfit. Because fashion is more than simple garments. And we know that inside us.

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