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Joggers outfit for fall – Styles

After months of quarantine the joggers outfit became a must during that time. And being comfortable but trendy at the same time has never been as possible as today. So fall is around the corner and it is the perfect time to continue wearing this kind of clothes with all style and chicness. Let´s see some options to be inspired and ideas for wearing it.

Different types of joggers

During this time many different kind of joggers came out and the ways to wear it are infinit. One of them is the monocromatic look. Using the hoodie and the jogger in the same color not only stylize the figure but also looks pretty good. The neutrals and the pastel colors are the most chosen for joggers sets. I love the monocromatic look and here are some of my joggers outfits:

I love neutrals and this is one type of joggers: they are to the body and a croped sweatshirt. But there is also another style of this kind and is the oversized one. There is no better way to feel comfortable than wearing an oversized jogger outfit. Here are some ideas to inspire from my Pinterest board.

Besides neutrals the pastels are a must nowadays and the colors cannot be more beautiful. Here are some looks to get inspired and I take the opportunity to show you different styles:

And last but not least here are some joggers outfits with prints and embroidery:

How to wear

I have already show you before many different ways of using a jogger. It is really fun to see how versatile it is this garment and how much play it has. If you ask me, I like all this styles. It depends where I am going and how I feel to decide how I will style my joggers look.

As you had seen, it is all about the accessories and complements. If you want a more informal look, a pair of sneakers and golden jewellery will be the perfect match. But if you prefer to look more dressed up you will be ok by just adding a pair of heels, sandals, boots. And a good blazer, for example, it can be oversized or a leather one. Or maybe complement the outfit with a big coat, they are so elegant too.

It is all a matter of trying new things and playing with them. The joggers set are a new discoverement of style and comfort that is a plus for all of us. It is worth try them on!

When wear a joggers outfit

I think that the answer of this kind of question is subjetive. The key is on feeling comfortable when you wear clothes. All I have to say is that never forget to try on new garments and play with the accessories, the footwear, also with makeup and hairstyles. It is easy nowadays to watch some inspiration and try them on.

I hope being of help with this joggers outfits and styles. If you liked this post I recommend you to read Red suit – How to wear

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