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Jumpsuit – How to wear

My look of the day was a red jumpsuit. It was a hot summer day and this garment is ideal to wear on many different occasions. I went to university and everyone loved my look. I styled it with a medium golden hoops, a pair of cateye sunglasses and my favourite snake print loafers. Let’s talk about the jumpsuit looks and some ways to wear them.

Why wear a jumpsuit?

If you are looking for a look that stylizes you and want to be comfortable and fresh on this summer this is a good option to consider! The jumpsuit is a cloth that stylizes the figure because it is a single garment and all the same color or stamp.

The neck cut of the jumpsuit I am wearing makes the look sexier and chicness at the same time. This is something you should pay attention to deppending on your personal style.

When wear it?

As you might see, I don’t like to clasify the clothes on occasions and seasons… of course there is a time to wear some garment in particular but today fashion is heading towards the versatility of garments and all we do is thinking about it and getting used… because we like it!

Of course there are all kinds of jumpsuits, colors, stamps, lenghs and cuts but for you to imagine. I used this jumpsuit travelling, going to university, to a work reunion and also to a birthday party!

Jumpsuit styles

There are different kind of styles. And all depends on your personal style and also on your mood of the day. Because some days and depending the occasion you might want to look more “extra” or maybe just more minimal and simple. So here I show you some options to wear a jumpsuit so you can feel identified and inspired.


I think that maybe this type of jumpsuits are ideal for going to an event or a formal party. But also if you have an important job meeting the look of the middle is just perfect. See how soft the fabrics look and how they fall to the floor. And the perfect complement for these jumpsuits are a good pair of heels. It doesn’t matter if they are high or low.


A day-to-day jumpsuit is always a good piece to have in your wardrobe because it solves you what to wear. See how these three looks use the footwear: ankle boots, combat boots and sneakers. And if you have some imagination, you can really see that these three different footwear can be worn with the others jumpsuits. So here we can see how versatil are these three jumpsuits. Because all of them can be used with many footwear and accessories.


If you are a jean lover then you should have a jean jumpsuit. It is perfect for an informal look and you can add your favourite accessories: belts, waist packs, boots, high heels, a leather jacket, and much more.


The trends are there to be tried and give them a chance. I think that not all people might like all the trends but you can choose some of them to wear or just to try on. We can see some trends in these outfits like stamps, the oversize fit, neutral colors, logo manía. What do you think about them?


Not many people dare to wear a total leather look and less if it is a leather jumpsuit. But I see these looks interesting, different and with lot of personality. See how shiny the leather looks and how elegant too. Once again accessories are everything on these types of outfit. I love how the third look is wearing a pair of black boots than seem to complete the end of the look.

How to wear it?

I think that the key is in the accessories. It is all about how you style your outfit and how chill or chic you want to look yourself! But for example, if it has a scoop neckline a collar will look great with a small earrings. But if it is round a good pair of earrings will catch all the attention and will make the outfit look different.

The same with the footwear. I believe that nowadays we are looking not only to look nice but being comfortable at the same time. So if we can combine both of these things will be the perfect match. The easy way is trying on the clothes with different shoes, sandals, boots and find the perfect one! I am in love with the loafers, I think they will always lift the look in an elegant way.

I hope being some of help for you and make you look fabuolus as you deserve! If you want to see more inspiration you can take a look at my Pinterest Board Jumpsuits. And if you have any question you can write me on Instagram @belromano or right here on comments!

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