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Red suit – How to wear

The red suit is my kind of favourite look. Chic but classy at the same time. And of course, it is all about the accessories and how you style it. I used this red suit for walking through Miami city and also for a wedding party! Let’s see some options of how to wear a read suit.

Why wear a red suit?

I think there is no other garment as the suit that has so much style and is versatile for using it in many different occasions. Having a quality suit (the color you prefer) that fits you the way you most love is the key of a functional wardrobe. You can use the pieces separately or as a set. And you can wear from the most classics looks to the most risky and cool ones. It’s all on you!

When wear a red suit?

As I have told you before, I wore this red suit for a walking at Lincoln Road by day and for a wedding at night. And, believe me, it was completly different one another.

For the walk I decided to wear the suit with a basic white shirt and a pair of white sneakers. My favourite nude bag and black beret complementing it with a pair of cat eye sunglasses. I was comfy and cool at the same time. I LOVED that outfit. I have got a kind of obsession with blazers I cannot tell LOL.

And for the wedding I wanted to look sexy but chic at the same time. So I wore the suit with an Intimissimi lace bra and a pair of black high heels. Here it goes how it ended:

My red suit wedding look!

How to wear a red suit

I truly believe there is no an exact way to wear a suit, even though a red suit. It is all about your likes, how you would like to look and the comfort you decide to have.

But of course I will show you my favourites ways to wear a red suit and here are some inspiration to take a look!

Hoodie + red suit + sneakers
Hoodie + sneakers are always a good idea! Is a perfect way to make the outfit more sporty
Red suit and transparencies
If you love transparencies then this THE ONE!
Red suit with a total red look
Why not total red? Would you dare to wear it?
Red suit outfit
Sometimes less is more

If you want to see some other ideas to wear a suit then check out my Pinterest board! And if you have any question or a comment you can write me on my Instagram @belromano or right here at comments!

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