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Rihoas, classic fashion with European vibes

In this article I will talk about Rihoas, classic fashion with European vibes. And I will review the pieces I chose to create three different outfits. From casual to more classy and elegant outfits. Just keep reading and discover this brand!


Rihoas is a new brand inspired in the long legacy of European cinema: elegant yet sexy, stylish yet unique. And it’s exactly how I would describe the brand. You will find classic pieces but with an extra stylish vibe you will not find anywhere else. What I like the most about the brand is that the clothes are timeless. With its classic silhouettes and patterns, you can make infinitive of combinations and keep enjoying them.

Riohas sustainability

Riohas is aware of how important sustainability is. That’s why they work with 20% of sustainable fabric in their clothing and are working to continue to look for high-quality and affordable sustainable fabrics, and continue to improve their supply chain to reduce waste in the production process. Their goal is to have more than 90% of their garments made from sustainable fabrics by 2030.

My picks

I have chosen two items. It was a difficult decision since I like all of what they have but I focused on what I really need. Indeed, I was looking for an oversized yet classic trench coat for these rainy days in Vienna and a checked oversized blazer. And guess what? I have found them in Rihoas and I will show you how I styled them.

Look 1: checked blazer

I love wearing this blazer! It’s warm, cosy and gives stylish vibes to any look. In this occasion, I wore it with a maxi dress and chunky boots. I also wear it with a pair of jeans and white sneakers, or with black pleated pants and a turtle neck.

As you can see, there are many options to style this blazer and you can do it during Autumn, Winter and why not during the Spring!

beige maxi dress, checked blazer and black chunky boots
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Look 2: trench coat

I have been looking for a trench like this one for a while. Why? Well, it’s a classic: oversized and long, details on the wrists, on the back, and the colour! Here I styled it with a turtle neck sweater, black pants, classic UGGs and a swede hat, scarf and a baguette bag. How would you wear it?

long Trenchcoat, black pant, brown boots, checked scarf
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Look 3: blazer + trench coat

Last but not least, I wanted to share with you how well the blazer and the trench coat look together. It’s ideal for a cold rainy day! The colours match perfectly well and, in this case, I wanted to add a slight of pink and matching-black bag and hat.

Psss… it’s Christmas Market time here in Vienna and I was enjoying myself with a Punsch!

I hope you loved the items and the looks I have shared! If you are looking for an European inspired brand, I would totally recommend Rihoas. The quality is great, and the fabrics are soft to touch as well. Plus it has a unique classy vibe that I like too much!

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Till next time!

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