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Smart clothing shopping tips

Have you ever wondered about smart clothing shopping? It is something very useful that will change your life. Do you buy clothes that you never wear? Or do you find you often have nothing to wear? And hate going shopping because you never know what to shop? If there is a yes to any of these questions… then this post is for you! We are going to talk about why is it important to do smart clothing shopping; the reasons you are buying clothes and not wearing them; and the best how to do smart clothing shopping tips!

Why is it important to do smart clothing shopping?

There are several reasons why it is important to do smart shopping. First of all, when you buy good quality clothing you are guaranteed that your clothes will last longer. Because garments should last as much as possible. Why? It’s very simple: the planet suffers the cost considering the pollution clothing creates to be produced, shipped, and maintained. And even more when it ends up discarded in a landfill. So when you do smart shopping and buy good quality clothes you will wear daily, you are being more sustainable!

Furthermore, when you invest in basics you are actually saving money. Yes, when you do smart shopping you are saving money because you only buy good quality garments that will last so many years. And also you can wear them with whatever you want thanks to their versatility. It may happen that you don’t want an item anymore and that’s ok. So you can sell it or just give it away! Fantastic, isn’t it?

Reasons you are buying clothes and not wearing them

Social media and trends

Nowadays we consume a lot of our time on social media, scrolling Instagram or Pinterest taking a look at outfits for inspiration. So it’s unavoidable not seeing trends, the colors of the season, what everyone is wearing, and what is out of trend. And this, believe it or not, influences us and makes us think that our style is old-trend and we have nothing to wear.

social media trends

To avoid these feelings and thoughts, it is important to know your personal style and what you have in your wardrobe. It is great to do some cleanings during the year (when the season changes, for example) and get rid of those garments you don’t like or wear anymore. So it will be more simple at the time of thinking about what to wear. But we are going to talk more about this in a minute.


Thanks to social media (again) we are able to see our favorite brands’ discounts live and buy them from home. It has never been so easy and comfortable. But when we hear about crazy discounts and promotions, we tend to shop only for one reason: the price. And don’t realize and think for a minute if we need that piece or if we know how to style it or if we are going to include it in your day-to-day routine or not, and more.

So here’s a quick tip for next time: think twice about your next purchase. And for this, it is key to know what you have in your wardrobe and what not, what fits you and what not, and what follows your personal style and lifestyle.


Over the years the system made us believe that we have to constantly buy clothes and be on-trend. For you can have an idea, thanks to fast fashion (the mass-production of cheap and disposable clothing) it’s affordable to buy stylish and trendy items. But thanks to it we are buying more clothes than ever, we consume about 80 billion new garments every year. In particular, this is 400% more than the amount it was consumed 20 years ago. And made the fashion industry the second largest polluter in the world, after the oil industry.

Indeed, this feeling of unsatisfaction that never is enough clothes, and “fashion victims” are the results of fast fashion. So first, the most important thing here is to stop comparing yourself to what others wear or buy and focus on your own wardrobe and personal style. Every person is a world and there is nothing better than feeling comfortable with what you are wearing. Second, if you don’t know where to start here, then I recommend you to keep reading my post ;).

Don’t fit style or shape

Another reason why we don’t wear our clothes is that we are not being honest with ourselves. For example, when you have your favorite pair of jeans that don’t suit you anymore but you keep it “just in case” you lose weight. And in the meantime, you are not wearing your favorite jeans and not going to do it neither. So the best thing to do is to get rid of those clothes that don’t suit us anymore and buy new ones with the correct size. Garments can be given away or sold. Nowadays there are many easy ways to sell clothes online. And believe me, it is very satisfactory to see other people happily wearing your old clothes and extending their lifetime.

Smart clothing shopping tips

Clean up and audit your wardrobe

The first of the smart clothing shopping tips is to do a strong wardrobe clean-up in order to know which clothes we have and which we need. It’s nonsense going shopping without having a clear idea. I know that it’s not easy to let go things we have. Also what happens is that we love certain pieces and it’s even harder to let go even when we know that we are not going to wear them again.

wadrobe clean up for smart shopping tips

Anyway, if you want to do smart shopping then the first thing you have to do is to take a deep look at your wardrobe and see what are you going to wear and what needs to go. This is a great exercise to do when a season changes and then we have to change our clothing. And to be honest, nowadays it’s very easy to sell online so there are no excuses to keep your old clothes and the ones you don’t use anymore in your wardrobe.

Plan your shopping list

After a good clean-up in your wardrobe, it comes the shopping list. The most important thing is to be sure about the basic pieces that are left. Furthermore, it is essential, to be honest about what we really need and the types of clothes we wear in our day-to-day routine. And this also comes with personal style.

For example, if you tend to you to the office every day, you like neutral colors and blazers sets. Well, it is a good idea to focus on office looks and in neutral colors and blazers that are your favorites rather than focus on mini colorful skirts.

Invest in basics

Basics are the type of clothes every wardrobe needs because they can be worn with everything you can imagine and fits everybody well. For instance, a white shirt, a pair of jeans, black boots, white sneakers, a long coat. But this also depends on your personal style and your lifestyle, the activities you do during the week and on weekends as well. That is why I always recommend knowing and following your personal style but, at the same time, trying on new things and keep discovering your style.

basic clothes

Follow your personal style

I have mentioned personal style many times in this post because it will make things much easier. Basically, it’s the key to an optimized wardrobe and you will feel much comfortable with what you are wearing. This also helps for a smart shopping day and when you don’t know what to wear.

What I always say is that style is something that changes over time which is why it is important to keep trying new things and discovering colors, fittings, accessories, everything. You never know how it will look on you until you see it by yourself.

If you don’t know your personal style or need more personalized smart clothing shopping tips, I’m here to help you! Don’t hesitate and write me 😉

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