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Total black look – How to wear

A total black look is one of my favourites to choose when I don’t know what to wear. For some people it can look a bit dramatic a total black outfit and for others it can be elegant. I think that all depends on how you style your look: accessories, footwear, makeup and hair. In this post we will see different types of total black looks to be inspired.


There are many ways to wear a total black outfit. Depending on your personal style or even on your mood of the day. You can addapt your clothes and wear them as many ways as you can. Here I show you some styles to feel identified and inspired.

Elegant / Classic total black look

The basics pieces from this style are: pleated pants, blouses, blazers, loafers, boots, shirts, long coats, and more. As I told you before, until you don’t try on clothes, you don’t know how they will look on you. It also happens with the makeup and hairstyle you use. See how classic and sleek looks the low bun hairstyle on the third picture.

Sporty total black look

The basics pieces from this style are: caps, leggings, sneakers, tops, hoodies, and more. I see this style as the one you can play with other types. See how Hailey added a leather jacket and how nice it looks. And even how the girl from the last picture uses a blazer in a super-sporty look.

Sexy total black look

This style is perfect when you want to show more skin and accentuate curves. A good lace brallete or even a transparent corset will be your allies. In addition, a tight dress is a piece that will solve your outfit when you don’t know what to wear.


A total leather black look is a different choice to rock your outfit and wear something out of common. It might be seen too much but you can get a balance between the garments and the accessories. And as I tell you everytime, there’s nothing better than try on clothes and play. So you can see how you look with some styles or pieces and if you really like it or not.

How to wear

The thing of how to wear a total black look depends on your personal style and for which occasion you are dressing up. But it is more simple than it looks. If in that day you are in a mood of “less is more” then you can wear a few accessories and make a low bun in your hair and that’s it. Or even if you want to try something more “extra” it’s also ok. In my case, in one occasion I wanted to use a grey hat and I loved it so so so much. And in another one, I wanted to look more simple, minimal. See how it ended:


Wear what you want. I think it is very important to start looking for your personal style… what you like more and feel comfortable with. Also I believe that it is a constant searching, like you never stop discoverying your style. So don’t frustrate yourself and just try on clothes and have fun. Furthermore, another benefit of knowing your style is that you can have a capsule wardrobe. It is a practice of editing your closet and cleaning it up down to your favourite clothes: the ones that fit with your lifestyle and body at the moment. And this will let you shop smarter and be a more responsible fashion consumer.

I hope being of help and inspire you with all these looks. You can find more inspiration on my Pinterest board Total Black Looks. And if you want to talk or have any question about this you can write me on my Instagram profile belromano or just leave a comment right below.

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