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Total white look – How to wear

A total-white look is always a good option when you want to dress differently and with style. I’m the one who thinks that there are no seasons for colors neither occasions. If you like it, wear it! I want to encourage you to try on everything in fashion. So in this post, we are going to see styles and ways of wearing a total white look.


As time goes by we change the way we wear and our likes, it’s part of life. But it is very important to know ourselves and find our personal style. Colors, garments, materials, fit, there are many things that we can feel more comfortable or identified. There are a lot of styles and ways to wear a total white look. You can adapt your clothes and wear them in as many ways as you can. Here I show you some styles to feel identified and inspired.

Elegant/Classy total white look

The basics pieces from this style are pleated pants, blouses, blazers, loafers, boots, shirts, long coats, and more. As I told you before, until you don’t try on clothes, you don’t know how they will look on you. The same happens with hairstyles and makeup. See how classic and sleek looks the low bun hairstyle in the third picture, or how beautiful and simple looks the braid.

Sporty total white look

The basics pieces from this style are caps, leggings, sneakers, tops, hoodies, and more. I see this style as the one you can play with other ones. For example, see how good it looks the skirt in the third picture + an oversized hoodie + Nike. And if you look carefully, in the second picture she wears a sporty look + shoes + long coat. As long as you feel comfortable wearing what you wear, it will look great!

Sexy total white look

For the ones that love showing more skin or curves… this style is perfect! A good transparent blouse or even an oversized blazer will be your allies. In addition, a short dress is a piece that will solve your outfit when you don’t know what to wear.


The perfect day-to-day looks. They are comfortable, simple, and stunning! If you want it to look formal, just use some strip sandals or some heels. But if you want it even more casual, a black or brown belt will look perfect or a colorful pair of sunglasses.

How to wear

I like wearing total white looks. Sometimes I don’t plan it, I just start thinking about the kind of outfit I want to wear and a minute later… ta-da! There is a total white look ready to be worn. Sometimes I prefer to complement it with black accessories like sunglasses, headbands, sandals or boots.

So there is not a formula of how to wear a total white look. It all depends on your likes and how you feel comfortable. In my case, sometimes I prefer brown accessories and some other times, all white. You can see it in these pictures! It’s all about creativity and trying new things and ways to wear clothes.

I hope you enjoyed this post and helped you to find a little of inspiration of how to wear a total white outfit. If you want to see more you can take a look at my Pinterest board Total white looks.

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