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Vibrant and neutral colors: How to wear them

Have you ever wondered about how to wear vibrant and neutral colors? You can see vibrant and neutral colors everywhere and you might feel a bit lost of how to style, wear and try them. So in this post, we will see some tricks and tips to rock all your outfits and stop thinking between: colored or not?

“Pantone Color of the Year 2022”, “Color Trends 2022: 6 Shades You Need In Your Closet”, “Color Trends & Color of the Year 2022″… are some of the titles we read, hear and notice every new year. Statement in clothing is not only about brands, patterns or materials, but also colors! Every time people, magazines, and social media is telling us what to wear, which colors, brands and materials. Because they are the trend of the season and we have to have them in our wardrobe!

Follow or not follow (color’s) trends?

This is a very interesting discussion. I’m not against trends, I think they are an opportunity to try on new things and keep discovering your personal style. And the truth is, we all want to look beautiful and search inspiration on social media of how to wear clothing. But after seeing trends, clothes, and styles we might feel a bit confused and lost about our wardrobe and personal style, and it makes us think we don’t have nothing to wear. Am I wrong?

In this case, we’re talking about color’s trends but it applies to every trend and type of clothing or materials. If you’re curious and want to try on a different type of jeans, blouses or footwear, try them! Why not? You’ll never know until you see it in yourself.

For example, two years ago the back to business style and neutral colors were trendy. Now the back to business style keeps there but vibrant colors are the must at the moment. And this doesn’t mean that you have to take out all your neutral clothes from your wardrobe and buy pink and orange suits. Of course, you can add some pieces and style them as you like most.

To sum up, just wear what makes you feel more confident and faithful with your personal style and lifestyle!

How to know which type of color suits best

As I said before, the best thing to do is to wear colors you like the most. But there are some tips to take into account if you’re not sure about what suits you better or if you want a change and don’t know where to start at.

For example, you can tell which colors suit you best. How? Well, there are image consultants that study to help you with your own colorimetry giving you personalized tips and advices. But there’s a simple way you can try and it’s to look to your arm veins. If they’re green: it means that warm colors suit you best. And if they’re blue: cool colors.

colors guide

Image consultants also clasify between seasons: summer, spring, autumn and winter. I did it a few years ago and it really helped me! I recommend it for sure 🙂

Anyway, if you love a color so much and it doesn’t match in your colorimetry, don’t worry! Everything is about attitude. If you like it, wear it! If you like something, you will wear it with so much confidence that any colorimetry study looses it truth. So don’t be afraid and wear what you like the most 😉

How to wear neutral colors

Neutral colors include beige, taupe, gray, cream, brown, black, and white. And these clothes are basic for any type of look. That’s why I always recommend to buy basics (jeans, boots, shirts, sweaters) in neutral colors. You can wear them as much as you like and can do infinitive of combinations. So now we will see some total neutral colors looks for more inspo.

How to wear vibrant colors

Vibrant colors are a must this season. So if you’re a colors lover or just have curiosity of how to start wearing colors… let’s see some inspo!

Monochromatic looks

A look is monochromatic when all the clothes are of the same color. And this type of look helps to stylized the figure.

Color combination looks

Talking about playing with fashion, trying on new color combinations might be so enjoyable! Green + orange, pink + red + yellow, green + blue, green + lilac. Which one is your favorite?

Last thoughts

We just saw some different styles and color combinations to inspire you next time you don’t know what to wear. And remember, try on new things as much as you want and wear what makes you feel more confident and beautiful.

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