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Vinokilo pop up store Vienna experience

“Vinokilo will be in Vienna the 30th and 31th of July”. I have been living in Vienna for almost two months and when I heard this I felt so excited! In this post we will talk about Vinokilo and I’m going to share with you my expierence.


Vinokilo is one of the leading brands in Europe when it comes to vintage fashion. They are based in Bodenheim, Germany, and have an online shop. They also travel a few times in the year through Europe bringing their clothes to different cities every weekend.

Vintage carries history. Each unique item tells a story. It’s an endless, timeless story waiting for you to be part of it. By owning them, people are encouraged to be creative about themselves.

Vinokilo principles.

Vinokilo pop up store

First it is needed to order the free tickets online with an especific hour. They were available every half an hour so I got 2 tickets to be one hour there. This is great to avoid that many people go at the same time. I went with a friend and after walking a few blocks from the subway we finally arrived at the Vinokilo pop up store in Vienna. An old building in the heart of the city with a formidable entrance was waiting for us. There were lots of Vinokilo personalised tote bags that you could use to save the clothes you wanted to buy. And if you posted a picture on Instagram mentioning them that tote bag was free. If not, it only costed €3. We went upstairs and entered the Vinokilo vintage wonderland.

There were four rooms full of vintage clothes: sportwear, elegant dresses for parties, lots of Levi’s jeans, golden jewellery, ready to wear, shoes, lots of shirts (my weakness), coats for winter, and much more. Something I didn’t mention before is that the prices were per kilogram: 1 kg of clothes = €40. And there were balances in the store so you could use them and know your clothes weight and how much they costed.

At first I felt a little overwhelmed of that amount of clothes and I didn’t know were to start looking at. But after walking around I payed more attention at the garments I love and wear the most: shirts. They are perfect for summer, spring, autum and winter for me. I wear them the whole year! So I wanted to focus on an intelligent purchase. I wanted to buy something worthwhile. So I tried on an oversized red and white shirt and a pink Polo Ralph Lauren’s. I got both for € 15. A bargain.

Big picture

As the big picture, I can say that there were good quality clothes and a wide variety of styles. I saw most young people and that was very satisfying for me because that says something. Vintage clothes are for everyone and it is worth to give it a try. You might be surprised 🙂

My favourites pieces were winter coats, some were made of 100% pure wool or leather. But it isn’t the moment to buy winter clothes for me. And when I went to the payment station the boy told me that maybe they are going to be back in Vienna in September or October, so my next purchases will be of coats surely.

I really enjoyed the Vinokilo pop up store in Vienna experience and can’t wait them to be back.

Have you experienced something similar? Tell me!

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