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Vintage treasures: my unboxing

The vintage treasures are my very favourite pieces from my wardrobe. I have discovered vintage clothing a year and a half ago and it was a positive before and after in my life. Not only because of the economic side but also sentimentally. It is a combo and in this post I’m going to explain about it. So if you are a vintage fashion lover or you are just curious about this, then keep reading!

I just want to be clear at one point because some people tend to confuse “vintage fashion” with “vintage style”. If you like buying vintage clothing that doesn’t mean you like vintage style or use ugly or out of fashion clothing. Not at all. For example, I consider my style a bit of eclectic, it depends on my humor and what I want to wear at the moment. Sometimes I’m more classic and others I look more smart, trendy, urban or girlish.

Vintage clothing

A garment is considered vintage when it has more than 10 years old. Some people say that is 20 years. So a vintage cloth is a second-handed or pre-loved. And you can look trendy wearing vintage clothes. Because in fashion everything is going to be back. And those garments that were made with good quality materials and were well confeccioned will be in very good conditions to be wore after many years.

Last but not least, I want to say that it is also ok to buy new pieces. I love buying new clothes, it is an experience that I will forever like. But now I’m trying to buy clothes of better quality so they are going to last me years. Because I’m trying more than ever to buy garments that represent me and make me feel confident and like to wear everyday.

Benefits of shopping vintage clothing

So after all these clarifications let me tell you some benefits of shopping vintage clothing. But I’m sure I will convince you after showing you some of my vintage treasures.

When you shop vintage you buy better quality clothing.

Shopping vintage clothing is sustainable.

Shop vintage clothing prevents: industrial pollution, material waste, water abuse, animal exploitation, human exploitation.

Shop vintage clothing is cheaper.

If you shop vintage clothing you will find unique pieces.

If you want to read more about these points I recommend you to read my post 5 Reasons why shop vintage clothing.

The last months members of my family wanted me to try on their vintage clothes that had inside a forgotten suitcase. Because they saw me on social media talking about vintage clothing and they wanted me to take a look at theirs. And actually it is my favourite thing to do. Because every piece has a story and means something to the other person. Now I have vintage treasures from my parents, my grandmother and friends. And I can’t be happier.

My vintage treasures

So here we are! Let’s see some of my favourites vintage treasures. I promise to show you more of them in other blog posts!

Oversized shirts

I use these shirts a lot in summer, spring, autumn and also in winter! If you try and play with the garments you will be surprise of its versatility. The lightblue is from Dior. It’s quality is unique. These shirts were my father’s and now they are trendy. That is why I tell you that you can look trendy wearing vintage clothes! If you don’t believe me you can take a look at my Oversized shirts looks Pinterest board.

Leather blazer

I bought this blazer made of 100% leather for less than 15 US$. It’s one of my treasures and I wear it everytime I can. This is also a trendy garment and you can take a look at my Leather blazer looks Pinterest board to see more outfits inspiration.


Blazers are one of my favourite pieces from my wardrobe. They complete the look changing its style. I bought this one for less than 3 US$ and I have never seen another similar.

Vintage blazer look
Black, brown and white: my day to day combination + vintage blazer.

Baguette bags

Elegant, cute and trendy. The baguette bags invaded social media last year and I completly fell in love. Mine are made of leather and its size it’s great to carry the basics.

Clip earrings

These clip earrings are so vintage. Many years ago earrings were made with this clip system. And what I like the most about this accessories is that they complete a trendy look making it look different and unique. Nowadays you can’t find these on stores, only from your family or people who sell vintage.

In my case, I bought some of them from a vintage collector in Buenos Aires and the other half were from my granny. She saw me on Instagram showing my new vintage clip earrings and texted me “Belén, I got many of them from the 90s!!!”. And you can imagine my answer.

My little collection of vintage earrings clips.

More shirts

I dare to say that shirts are my top 3 favourite pieces. These ones are my mother’s from the 2000s. They are so classy! I wear them a lot.

I hope you enjoyed my vintage treasures “unboxing”. Do you also have vintage treasures that mean a lot to you? Tell me!

Thank you for reading me and if you have any kind of question you can leave it on comments 🙂

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